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Welcome to the Web Portal of Government Degree College, Dhami (at 16 Mile)

The purpose of higher education is not to merely decorate students with certificates and degrees which divorce them from the reality of their existential environment. Rather, education in general and higher education in particular should train and nourish the young minds in such a way that they always have more questions than answers, so that they evolve as life-long learners. The learning process should not merely enable them with information to qualify in academic and competitive examinations. It should make them intensely aware of the challenges and opportunities of the present times and equip them with the skills to cope with the same in a creative and constructive manner. Education should also enable us to look back to our past - our history, culture, polity, economy and the innovative wisdom of our ancestors - not only because the present (and the future) is a continuum of what has been, but also to comprehend and make practical use of the traditional knowledge and wisdom by adapting it to the present. Such a view of higher education, while enabling us to move beyond the quotidian periphery of existing knowledge, would also help us to inculcate the qualities of an inclusive and inquisitive learner.

The college, on its part, shall endeavor to develop in our students skills of the future, including the fostering of unique capabilities of each students while enabling them to learn and employ skills like Critical Thinking, Innovation and Communication Design, Interpersonal Skills and the use of Information Technology alongside the knowledge of our past and traditions vis-à-vis its relevance and applicability to the present, as envisaged the NEP 2020.

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Student Activities


The purpose of N.S.S. is to serve the nation through social service & develop the personality of the students.

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In order to keep our young talents full of life and vigour, we encourage and organize lots of sports activity in the.

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